Yoga and Tantra can not be Ruined


There is documented history of siddhas, yogis and tantriks who are recognized as awakened people (Maha Siddha). They were men and women from different times, places, and social backgrounds. They performed varied activities to achieve their goal. Some sat in stillness for long time, some danced and singed like a mad man, some drank like a fish, some practices yogic postures, some did breath work, some didn’t wear clothes, some walked around like a prince, some were celibate, some had queen as their consort, some were barefoot and other rode a snow leopard, some did prostrations all day in sacred temples and others sat all night in cremation grounds. Some sang songs, other drew pictures or wrote poems. Although they all did different activities and lived differently lifestyles but all said two common things:

+ there is no outer activity or place or tool that was responsible for their realization or awakening.
+ to awaken one has to take inward journey towards the core of their own being and seek the luminous Presence that is pulsating in the Heart.

For me they proved that yoga and tantra can not be ruined by anyone or anything. Various cultures and lifestyle can change the perception of yoga and tantra but discipline of yoga and tantra can not be changed or ruined because it is about the inner journey and has nothing to do with our outer pursuits and endeavors.

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