What is Tantra?


What is Tantra?
“tanyate vistriyate gñyanamanena iti tantram”, – that which expands awareness is Tantra.

It was time for Buddha’s sermon, and everyone in the crowd expected him to explain the Truth. Instead, he just stood silently for a few minutes, then held up a flower.  Mahakashyapa smiled. 

Tantra is an infinite ocean, if anyone thinks that they have understood Tantra completely then they have reached limit of their ego not the understanding of Tantra. It is often called Mahavidya (The Great Awareness) and considered as Shruti – ‘the revelations’, acintya – ‘the inexplicable’ or that which can only be experienced not explained. Tantra is the deep ocean from which several Indian, Tibetan and Himalayan  Shamanic and Sacred traditions  have arisen. All practices and paths of Tantra focus on inner journey because that is how the expansion of awareness happens within us. Nothing from outside or anyone can expand our awareness – only our own effort and journey within – that is the raising of a flower by Buddha in silence.

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