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We affirm “I-ness” again and again through the constant stream of identifications. We identify with whatever it is that we do and whatever it is that we have, be it possessions or people . We identify with a certain name, an age, a sex, an ability, an occupation. “I am a yogi, I am a healer, I am a doctor, I am a student….“, we identify with the people we are attached to. “I am a husband, I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a daughter, I am a son.”

Surrendering means to “let go” or pause this on-going stream of I-ness… it is difficult… because it makes us vulnerable or groundless, without I-ness, we have nothing to hold on to, nothing to stand on… and that is the beginning of becoming familiar with our true essence , or as Chang Po-tuan says, “…crystallization of the energy of primordial emptiness”. And in Tantric Buddhism – Shunyata.

“The ignorant think that the merging of yin and yang means the mixing of the heart and genital energies, or the meeting of the active and passive energy channels, or the intercourse of man and woman. This is wrong. The gold elixir is made by the crystallization of the energy of primordial emptiness; it cannot be formed by temporal, physical substances.” ~ The Inner Teachings of Taoism ~ Chang Po-tuan (1000AD) 


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