Third Night of Navratri

The 3rd night of Navratri (Hindu Goddess celebration of Nine Nights), the night of Goddess Chandraghanta – ‘Chandra’ means Moon and is symbolic for ‘Sweet and peaceful light of Compassion’. ‘Ghanta’ means ‘Bell’, symbolic for ‘Primordial sound of Great Awakening and Wisdom’.
Tonight is the time to fill our hearts with compassion and kindness for our own suffering, and for the suffering of all beings in all worlds. Awaken the Goddess of Sweet Wisdom within and become aware of who we truly are. What is more spiritual than finding our own ‘Truth’ and uncovering the light of love and compassion that hides behinds the veil of our personality?

“When all the knots of the heart are released, then the mortal becomes immortal.” ~ Katha Upanishad 6.15

“Reverence to the Sushumna Nadi,
to the Kundalini,
to the nectar born of the Moon,
to the state in which mind is dissolved,
reverence to the Goddess, the Great Shakti,
who is the ‘Self’ of consciousness.” ~ Hatha Yoga Pradapika

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