Temple Hopping: Kali Temple


The New Age has made us aware the infinite possibilities within us, at the same time we inevitably recognize the blocks and obstacles that keep us from acting in a truly empowered way. Wisdom Kali is the essence of fierce awareness that we invoke to generate inner power that can transform the obstructions and shadows to give insights into hidden new possibilities. The place to begin New Year! – Temple #1 – Kali Temple.

The Kali Temple in (Southern CA) –  is built in the linage of Dakshineswar temple of Calcutta, India. This temple is famous because of nineteenth-century MahaSiddha, Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886). Like all MahaSiddha he did not found any cult, religion nor did he show a new path for self-awakening. To Sri Ramakrishna all paths and traditions are like different photographs of a building taken from different angles, giving us the pictures of one truth from different viewpoints. Thus he declared, “As many faiths, so many paths.” The paths vary, but the goal remains the same. His small room in the Dakshineswar temple garden became a veritable parliament of religious traditions. Everyone who came to him felt uplifted by his profound presence, boundless love, and compassionate outlook. Each seeker saw in him the highest manifestation of their own ideal – a hidden possibility for their awakening.

In Kali temple, we meditate in the presence of Kali and witness the sacred ceremony of empowering and infusing space with Sanskrit mantras by temple priest. After meditation we participate in aarti (chanting) and open our hearts for new possibilities.