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An authentic path

If you believe #yoga is for the #body-mind and #tantra is for #heart or yoga is only for disciplined body-mind without sensuality and tantra is for sensuality and freedom without disciplined mind-body, then i invite you to dig deeper into

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YogAsana – Throne not Posture

What if I told you that ‘Asana’ in YogAsana means ‘throne’ not ‘posture’. A throne created (using inner-work of mantra, nyasa, prana, etc) to establish awareness into the sacred infinite presence within. Asana, Mandala, Nyasa these are words from Tantric

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Pratyahara (प्रत्याहार) the 5th aspect of Patanjali’s Kriya-Yoga is ‘withdrawal of the senses’, not ‘withdrawal from the senses’. It is not about refusing, blocking, closing, rejecting, or disallowing of the senses, because that would be PratyAkhyAti (प्रत्याख्याति). Pratyahara is to

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Tao, Tilopa and Yoga Sutra

You are not too old and it is not too late to dive into your increasing depths, where life calmly gives out it’s own secret. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

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Yoga and Tantra can not be Ruined

There is documented history of siddhas, yogis and tantriks who are recognized as awakened people (Maha Siddha). They were men and women from different times, places, and social backgrounds. They performed varied activities to achieve their goal. Some sat in

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Yoga or Bhoga Journal?

  A recent conversation with a yogini reminded me that I have been very lucky in my quest. The conversation was about an article in the Elephant Journal on how the “Yoga Journal” is becoming a “Bhoga Journal” and how

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Change and Bliss

“Simply let experience take place very freely, so that your open heart is suffused with the tenderness of true compassion.” ~Tsoknyi Rinpoche  

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Waves and Winds


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Dakini Song

May all be happy and free! For many people word ‘Tantra’ brings either bad taste in mouth or some creepy images of sexual fantasies. However, I know for fact that the real practice of Tantra is far from sexual orgies

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Visions of Siddhas

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