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The Longest Journey

“There is no mantra higher than meditation; No deity higher than the Self (Atma); No worship higher than the inner pursuit; And no fruit greater than contentment.” ~ Kularnava Tantra Your vision will become clear only when you can look

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Knowing, Doing and Being

  There are three aspects to Tantra: knowing, doing and being. In tantrik cosmology, ‘knowing’ is the outer path, ‘doing’ is inner path and ‘being’ the secret path. The key to all the three paths is the relationship becasue in

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There is no such thing as peaceful-mind

A year before I began my yatra, my dream consciousness was flooded with images of circles and mandalas and in my waking life I was attracted to all types of mandalas as well. As a tantrik practitioner I was aware

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The Yatra concludes… [Ayam Atma Shantah] – Nature of Self is Blissful Stillness.

The strength of fire is not defined by the size of wood but by the flow of wind. A shift in wind can change the mood and form of fire. And similarly, the stillness of our mind (which is the

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The Yatra continues: “You already made the choice, now you have to understand why you made it.”

My reverence for Padamsambhava started early in life. I practiced Tantra (has no relation whatsoever to Western-Tasntric-Sex) for over a decade and followed the path of Guru Gorakshnath. Tantra means “to weave” and “to transform or to transmute”. Tantra tell

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Sensing the “Dreaming”

April 30, 2010. Kathmandu, Nepal. In last twenty one days I have been fortunate to wake-up in three different continents, North Africa (Morocco), Europe (Andalusia) and Asia (Nepal). The experience of my first day in three unfamiliar places and energetic

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Yatra: The begining…

Yatra is a Sanskrit word and it literally means, ‘journey’. In the context of self-inquiry Yatra becomes a ‘sacred journey’. I started my Yatra in early April with one goal: to integrate my inner and outer journeys. As we move

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