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An authentic path

If you believe #yoga is for the #body-mind and #tantra is for #heart or yoga is only for disciplined body-mind without sensuality and tantra is for sensuality and freedom without disciplined mind-body, then i invite you to dig deeper into

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The Subtle-Body

“You know you have a physical body, and you’ve come a long way toward understanding how the mind acts to create a sense of ‘self’. But there’s a layer of experience that lies between these two. That layer is what

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Origin of Mind

“Of all the hard facts of science, I know of none more solid and fundamental than the fact that if you inhibit thought (and persevere) you come at length to a region of consciousness below or behind thought, and different

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Bring Your Cup!

“This openness is present in and actually presupposed by every determinate form.” Chögyam Trungpa. “You are the Sky. Everything Else – It’s just the weather.” ~Pema Chodron. “If your everyday practice is open to all your emotions, to all the

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Transformation – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra-24

Transformation is not a change of energy. You cannot change the higher energy. You can allow it to find a place in you. ~Gurdjieff Work with Madame de Salzmann. You take a seat and your eyes meet. Question, answer weave

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It has no outside.

In outer Tantric path, emotional heights and depths are ornaments, in the sense that ornaments don’t alter the essence or basic nature of the person who wears them. You can wear joy, and can wear sorrow. When you have the

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Be Still and Feel

Knowing how you want to feel is half the journey to liberation… Be done with feeling guilty for wanting to feel the way you want to feel. Follow your desired emotion. Don’t analyze it too deeply. Just let it roll

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Effortless Heart

“The aim of all effort on the Tantric Path is to unveil the effortless Heart.” ~Prana Close your eyes, Fall in love, Stay there. ~Rumi  

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Tao, Tilopa and Yoga Sutra

You are not too old and it is not too late to dive into your increasing depths, where life calmly gives out it’s own secret. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

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Sit and Forget

  In Tang dynasty China (618–907 AD), Buddhist and Daoist ways of realizing ‘luminous emptiness’ were integrated and incorporated into various Mystery schools of Daoism (Twofold Mystery, Highest Clarity).  One of the outcome of this confluence was the Daoist path of

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