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An authentic path

If you believe #yoga is for the #body-mind and #tantra is for #heart or yoga is only for disciplined body-mind without sensuality and tantra is for sensuality and freedom without disciplined mind-body, then i invite you to dig deeper into

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The Watercourse Way

I have carried and studied this little book (TAO: The Watercourse Way) for 25 years. I bought this copy in 1991 in Bombay, I had just graduated as an Engineer and been studying Ayurveda and Siddha meditative practices for over

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YogAsana – Throne not Posture

What if I told you that ‘Asana’ in YogAsana means ‘throne’ not ‘posture’. A throne created (using inner-work of mantra, nyasa, prana, etc) to establish awareness into the sacred infinite presence within. Asana, Mandala, Nyasa these are words from Tantric

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Japji Sahib – 28

Baba Nanak’s heart advice to Yogis: Let contentment be your earrings, humility your begging-bowl and meditation, your smear of ash. Let the awareness of death be your patched coat, purity your way in the world and faith in the Lord

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Pratyahara (प्रत्याहार) the 5th aspect of Patanjali’s Kriya-Yoga is ‘withdrawal of the senses’, not ‘withdrawal from the senses’. It is not about refusing, blocking, closing, rejecting, or disallowing of the senses, because that would be PratyAkhyAti (प्रत्याख्याति). Pratyahara is to

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One Kundalini, 8 Mothers, 64 Yogini!

There are many chakra systems but one Kundalini and One light.

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Old Freinds

Ordinarily, you are under a spell: two, not one. But when you look into your lover’s eyes, you fall into another enchantment: one, not two. You look and look Yet never see her. She whispers a spell: The mirror clears

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Luminous Spaciousness

When the scriptures melt away, the chants remain. When the chants melt away, the awareness remains. When the awareness melt away, what’s left? An emptiness mingles with the Emptiness. ~ Lalla

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The Heart – Subtle Vibration of the Triangle

“The Heart is the subtle vibration of the triangle which consists of the incessant expansion and contraction of the three powers, and it is the place of repose, the place of supreme bliss. This very Heart is the Self of

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Yoga and Tantra can not be Ruined

There is documented history of siddhas, yogis and tantriks who are recognized as awakened people (Maha Siddha). They were men and women from different times, places, and social backgrounds. They performed varied activities to achieve their goal. Some sat in

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