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Personal Legend

 The dance is really when the dancer is no more. If the dancer is still there then it is not a creative act, then it is at the most a skill. The technician is there but not the dancer –one

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Siva Natraja and Siddha Tantra

There are various stages of meditation on the path of siddha-tantra. The first is an “active meditation” stage. In this stage we stabilizes our attention on the sensation of inner-rhythm (e.g. breath) without any goal of doing anything to the

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From Yoga Sutra to Shiva Sutra

If Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a path then it’s end goal is defined by Shiva Sutra. In the early 800s, Shri Vasugupta was living on Mahadeva Mountain near Srinagar (Kashmir). Tradition states that one night Lord Siva appeared to

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The Yatra concludes… [Ayam Atma Shantah] – Nature of Self is Blissful Stillness.

The strength of fire is not defined by the size of wood but by the flow of wind. A shift in wind can change the mood and form of fire. And similarly, the stillness of our mind (which is the

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