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I See Myself

If tendencies towards disassociation were not inherent in the human psyche, parts never would have been split off; in other words, neither spirits nor gods would ever have come to exist. ~Carl Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower.

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Qi Resonance

  With no human consciousness to reflect themselves in, good and evil simply happen, or rather, there is no good and evil, but only a sequence of neutral events, or what the Buddhists call the Nidhanachain, the uninterrupted causal concatenation

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The Longest Journey

“There is no mantra higher than meditation; No deity higher than the Self (Atma); No worship higher than the inner pursuit; And no fruit greater than contentment.” ~ Kularnava Tantra Your vision will become clear only when you can look

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Universe in a cup

A Zen master said to a monk, “You must see the universe in your cup.” The monk looked into his cup, but didn’t see the universe, so he threw the cup away. The Zen master said, “Oh, poor cup.  We

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Suffering is not an illness!

“Suffering (Skt. Dukha) is not an illness. You can not go to a doctor or pharmacy and get a pill to get rid of suffering. You can escape from it for a while by numbing your mind but cannot purge

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