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Shortest Distance

Manifesting a dream, begins by setting an intention.

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In its true state, mind is naked, immaculate, not made of anything, being of the Voidness, clear, vacuous, without duality, transparent, timeless, uncompounded, unimpeded, colorless, not realizable as a separate thing, but as the unity of all things, yet not

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The ways of Himalyan Shamans

The essence of all the mountains is Stillness. However when I sat in their presence, every Himalayan mountain radiated different texture and tone of Stillness. Mt. Kailash (Tibet) has majestic Stillness, very forceful and heart opening. Mt.Nilgiri and Daulagiri (Nepal)

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Sensing the “Dreaming”

April 30, 2010. Kathmandu, Nepal. In last twenty one days I have been fortunate to wake-up in three different continents, North Africa (Morocco), Europe (Andalusia) and Asia (Nepal). The experience of my first day in three unfamiliar places and energetic

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