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Correlativity And Causality

Most Holistic Medicines (Ayurveda, Classical Chinese Medicine, Thai Traditional Medicine, …) requires practitioner to use correlative thinking. In fact, Chinese language did not have word or concept for ’cause-and-effect’, until the arrival of Buddhism (which was after the fall of

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Cherish our innate-nature

“If Ayurveda were a religion Nature would be its Goddess, and overindulgence would be the sole sin She would punish. Ayurveda is meant to allow you to enjoy the pleasures of life up to the point that such enjoyment interferes

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The 17th Miracle!

The 17th miracle from Dr. Oz: Forskolin! It is an extract of an Ayurvedic herbal medicinal: Makandi; Latin name: Coleus Forskohlii. This plant grows in abundance on dry and semi-dry plains of lower Himalaya region. The root has medicinal properties

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