Sit and Forget



In Tang dynasty China (618–907 AD), Buddhist and Daoist ways of realizing ‘luminous emptiness’ were integrated and incorporated into various Mystery schools of Daoism (Twofold Mystery, Highest Clarity).  One of the outcome of this confluence was the Daoist path of Zuowang (Sitting & Forgetting).  Zuowang is also referred as “The Purification of the Heart Method of Meditation”. 

 Zuowang is to sit and forget. What we  forget is the thing we hold most dearly: self, with all its  opinions,  beliefs, and ideals. We can be so caught up in the concept of self that we only see the world as a place to fulfill personal ambition and desire (~Shi Jing). 

Zuowang is allowing everything to slip from the mind, not dwelling on thoughts, allowing them to come and go, simply being at rest. It is important to take a good posture to still the body and calm the mind. Otherwise qi disperses, attention wanders, and the natural process is disturbed. Just  remain empty and there is no separation from Dao. Then wisdom will arise and bring forth light, with is the clear qi of the person. Do not think too much about the theory of this, otherwise you are sure to disturb the mind. It is like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. To think about stopping it halfway is a futile exercise. Just trust the inherent natural process ( ~ Liu Xingdi of the Leigu tai Temple in Shaanxi).

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