New Moon to Navratri



Time to heal archaic wounds and celebrate goddess within!

So far in this month we have already experienced a solar eclipse, lunar eclipses, and fall equinox, now some of us will get to experience the Black Moon (second occurrence of a new moon in a calendar month) on Sept. 30. The new moon officially takes place at 8:11 p.m. EDT on September 30, hence there is no Black Moon this month in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia because New Moon arrives their after midnight, when the calendar will read October 1st.

According to Jyotish this New Moon occurs in Hasta Nakshatra, and has potential to shed light into our shadows and heal the archaic wounds. Hasta channels healing light of rising sun, which awakens life into action and offers the opportunity for inner clarity and insight.

Being the first new moon of autumn, means that the sun is naturally losing strength and days are getting shorter, feeling of depleted of energy along with opening of old wounds could trigger the dark moods. Warm ginger or cinnamon tea, with saffron and green cardamom is indicated in the afternoon to balance short days and long nights.

As the moon begins to wax on Oct 1, it starts the Navaratri, the nine long nights, of celebrating the goddess within us. Happy Navratri 2016!!!

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