The Yatra continues: “You already made the choice, now you have to understand why you made it.”

My reverence for Padamsambhava started early in life. I practiced Tantra (has no relation whatsoever to Western-Tasntric-Sex) for over a decade and followed the path of Guru Gorakshnath. Tantra means “to weave” and “to transform or to transmute”. Tantra tell us that we all are woven into one interconnected endless web of life-force or energy. A Siddha uses energy to transform their limited self and ordinary-awareness to the unlimited-being-of-joy. Every aspect of universe, light, dark, neutral, inner, outer, happiness, suffering, familiar and unfamiliar is a source of energy that a Siddha can skillfully use to transform their limited “sense of self” to “unlimited One”. Cosmology of Tantra is holographic, ie., All are embedded in One and One is present in all. As per Tantra, the nature of our Self is luminous and all-knowing and goal is to realize the luminosity within. The mantra om-mani-pade-hum (praise to the jeweled lotus) symbolizes the same, the ‘jewel’ stands for ‘luminous self’ and lotus is the ‘body’.

Padamsambhava was great Tantrik from India. He is considered the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. According to a legend, local Bon Po deities and demons were against the introduction of Buddhism in Tibet. They destroyed every at night what was being built during the day. The king consulted Santarakshita, an Indian monastic, who advised that the tantrik mahasiddha (great adept) Padmasambhava be requested to comer from India to tame local deities and transform them to the service of Buddha-dharma.

Padamsambhava journeyed throughout the Tibetan landscape subduing and transforming a succession of named deities at specific places and created Tibetan Buddhism. He determined the way in which these beings are now perceived and treated, in visualization, the making of representations and in other practices of Tibetan Buddhism. This is the most important aspect of his work, and the reason why he is referred to as Guru Rinpoche (or Precious Teacher), being regarded as the “second Buddha.” He is considered the most important siddha, and is the central figure in the lineages that continue to preserve and transmit the siddha tradition.

I am very inspired by his profound wisdom, to see things clearly, and skills to integrate inner and outer forces and to create path for realizing our true self. His deep compassion for suffering of all sentient beings is incomparable. On his way to Tibet he stopped at Muktinath to mediate and then went to Kailash and Samye. Following his, footsteps I decided to go to Muktinath.

Muktinath is a sacred place both for Hindus and Buddhists located in Muktinath Valley at an altitude of 3,710 meters at the foot of the Thorong La mountain pass (part of the Himalayas), Mustang district, Nepal. It has 108 natural springs and fire comes our of ground (due to natural gas). It is a very important place of Dakinis, goddesses known as Sky Dancers.

On my way to Muktinath, I met a French-Canadian couple from Montréal, Chris and Martina (of course names are changed for the blog). We started talking about our journeys and quests. I found that they met in Jan of 1997 (same month and year when I and Shaz got together). While talking, Chris asked me about my journey as to why I went to Fes and now to Muktinath. I explained that in one of my inner journeys I had visions of geometric forms and traditions that were from Arabic and Andalusian cultures. His next question was what type of jouenry? And I explained that Dr. Stanislav Grof has devloped Holotropic Breathwork which allows access to nonordinary states of consciousness using specific type of breathing combined with music and movement.
And in Visionary Craniosacral School we combine the Holotropic Music with Craniosacral work to create an inner journey to access nonordinary states of consciousness. Dr. Stanislav Grof believes that fifty percent of traumas that we go through in life have root in the first nine and half month of our life in womb (more about this is in the book ‘The Holotropic Mind’). I had no idea at that time as to why I was explaining all this to them. I know that many of my traumas in life are related to early stages of my life as I was born very sick and weak which kind of helped me to learn ayurveda, yoga, tantra and pranayam at very early age. I also know that there are no coincidences and questions have many levels of meanings.

When we started the journey from Jomsom (900 meter below Muktinath), Martina was complaining about nasal congestion. By the time we got to Muktinath she was feeling dizzy, tired and out of breath. However, on the side Chris and I were feeling very calm, blissful and expansive. After lunch at Muktinath we started to head downward for Jomsom. Martina was not looking very good. She told me that she has problem of asthma and the air at Kathmandu had triggered it and the altitude of Mukitnath has made it worse. She was in pain. Next day, she looked really bad and I offered to do some cranial work which she agreed to as she was taking many medicine it was not helping her.

In the Cranial Healing session I had strange feeling that her condition was very old. Maybe even before her birth. After the session she was able to breath from both nostrils and said, “I feel my energy is coming back”. Next day she was looking much better and recovering quickly. Later, at the dinner Chris told me that Martina’s mother use to somke when she was pregnant and he thinks that is the cause of her Asthama. Now everything connected, the questions, my responses and what I felt in the Cranial Healing session. I quickly realized that Chris and Martina have always thinking that due to her mother smoking habit she has been suffering from Asthama. However, I know that we choose where and how we are born. I told her that what you are going through is a symptom and blaming your mother will not help you. You need to look deeper inside and see what is the learning for you.

We are not randomly thrown into some womb and then judged upon our actions. We choose were we want to be so we can learn and grow. It is easy for us to blame something or someone outside instead of looking within. We have to understand the choices we made if we want to be free. Yes, there are things that we can not change in the journey of this life, however we can learn and grow from everything. Our true essence is love and light and until we realize our true nature we will have to learn from every choice we make.

I wonder what is more spiritual than finding our true nature, who we really are? What is the nature of love and light that hides behind the veil of our personality built by the choices we have made? To me any path that help us in uncovering our true nature is a spiritual path. This was the key learning from me from Muktinath. Now, I must wait to understand how my rest of the yatra unfolds.

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