Maha-Navratri (The Great Nine Nights)


Tantra is pre-historic and pre-vedic. It developed as a result of self-inquiry or the quest for deeper understanding of Self. In deepest cave of our heart we all are aware of the Nameless One. The people of Indus Valley civilization called the One as Prajapati – The Cosmic Soul. And they described its consort or emanation as Shri or Uma – The One that arises and shines forth (or manifests) – The Mother. The Uma gives rise to seven mothers – Saptamtrika. The are represented as basic colors of rainbow, seven consonants of Sanskrit, and seven keys of raga – Indian classical music) and powers of seven chakras.

In Nath Siddha and Devi Tradition, the Uma is described as the One that gives rise to nine great awareness (Maha-Vidya) in the Heart and together they are called Dus-Maha-Vidyas (The Ten Great Awareness). In present day India, nine nights of Mother are celebrated as Maha Navaratri (the Great Nine Nights) to remember and celebrate the Mother that arises in our heart as Great Awareness.

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