Holistic Healing Assesment?

Many people ask me what do I look for when I am reading pulse, tongue or asking questions while doing assessment of client’s mind-body-spirit constitution in my holistic health practice?

Every living system has three aspects that are key in understanding it’s constituion: wholeness, harmony and clarity.

Wholeness: Our physical, mental and energetic forms are not separate entities. They are various aspects of one ‘living matrix’ that is powered by spirit. It is this fact that every holistic medicines teaches us from many thousands of years. The energies that digest our food in our stomach are same energies that help in digesting ‘new ideas’ or feelings we experience and same is true for other metabolic activities. In simple words, body is mind’s physical form. In my assessment I look for the of wholeness the person from physical, mental and energetic aspects.

Harmony: In a balanced being all aspects of life vibrate in harmony. The pulse and tongue assessment provide deep insight into harmony of organs, systems, emotional states, and of energetic aspects of the person. The harmony of person’s internal and external aspects are important for the wellness and vitality.

clarity: The clarity and radiance of person’s thoughts is reflected in all the aspects of person life and activities. Holistic health practitioners spend many years in learning how to assess person’s clarity by asking questions, observing and perceiving person’s posture, physical form and subtle body.

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