Fourth Night of Navratri

The 4th Night of Navratri (Goddess-celebration of Nine Nights in Hindu and Tantrik Traditions). Fourth is the night of Goddess Kusmanda. ‘Ku’ means ‘a little’ or ‘early stage’, ‘K’ is also the first alphabet of Sanskrit; ‘Usma’ is warmth or heat experienced at the beginning of fire; and ‘Anda’ means egg or seed.
Three words (Ku+Usma+Anda) symbolically imply beginning of transformation at mental, emotional and physical level. Tonight is the beginning of inner-transformation. Inner transformation can only happen if we let go our preconceived notion of “what is good or bad for me”. We have to “let go” everything we think we are and let Love transform us to who we truly are.

Ritual worship and offering to the Buddha is futile;
Where conscious effort and striving are present
The Buddha is absent. ~ Mahasiddha Kukkuripa

“Let yourself be silently drawn
By the stronger pull of what
You truly love.” ~Rumi

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