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Fluent in Silence

An invitation to deep listening… #rishikesh #immersion

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The Watercourse Way

I have carried and studied this little book (TAO: The Watercourse Way) for 25 years. I bought this copy in 1991 in Bombay, I had just graduated as an Engineer and been studying Ayurveda and Siddha meditative practices for over

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Temple Hopping: Kali Temple

The New Age has made us aware the infinite possibilities within us, at the same time we inevitably recognize the blocks and obstacles that keep us from acting in a truly empowered way. Wisdom Kali is the essence of fierce

Not be crazy

“The point is to be free, not to be crazy.” ~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche

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What are we—we who are drawn by divinity and held down by our selfish concerns, we who hear the call from the other shore and betray it? The movement from this shore to the other is the spiritual pilgrimage. —

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Knowing, Doing and Being

  There are three aspects to Tantra: knowing, doing and being. In tantrik cosmology, ‘knowing’ is the outer path, ‘doing’ is inner path and ‘being’ the secret path. The key to all the three paths is the relationship becasue in

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There is no such thing as peaceful-mind

A year before I began my yatra, my dream consciousness was flooded with images of circles and mandalas and in my waking life I was attracted to all types of mandalas as well. As a tantrik practitioner I was aware

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Suffering is not an illness!

“Suffering (Skt. Dukha) is not an illness. You can not go to a doctor or pharmacy and get a pill to get rid of suffering. You can escape from it for a while by numbing your mind but cannot purge

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Anahatta – A place to awaken the ‘Great Awarness’ (Maha Vidhya)

   Maha-Vidhya is a Sanskrit word, ‘Maha’ means ‘Great’, and ‘Vidhya’ means ‘Awareness’. The Maha-Vidhya means ‘Great-Awareness’ and in Tibetan it is called ‘Rigpa’. There are ten Maha-Vidhyas and in orthodox Hindu tradition they are worshiped as Ten Goddesses. The

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Legacy of Love: Amritsar and Dharamshala

I often wonder whether we ‘create’ the purpose of our life or ‘discover’ it?  What can make someone leave their country, possessions, neighborhood, relatives, go to a strange place, and live as refugees so that they can be with their

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