The 17th Miracle!

Ayurvedic herbal medicinal: Makandi; Latin name: Coleus Forskohlii

The 17th miracle from Dr. Oz: Forskolin!

It is an extract of an Ayurvedic herbal medicinal: Makandi; Latin name: Coleus Forskohlii. This plant grows in abundance on dry and semi-dry plains of lower Himalaya region. The root has medicinal properties of being pungent, heating, goes to Lungs, Heart and Liver (Blood); reduces internal cold-wind (vata) and cold-damp (kapha). Because of its hot and pungent in nature, it is used in certain cardiovascular and respiratory conditions.

Why will anyone in their right mind take a dose of highly processed extract of herbal medicinal, that is traditionally used (in combination with other medicinal and specific diet) for cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, to cause weight loss? The increase in metabolic rate is a by product of the herb and prolong use will have side effects because it also increases stomach acid, blood heat, heart rate, and dilates vessels. Is this miracle worth the long term prize?

And if the 16 ‘Miracles’ of Dr. Oz have not worked in last five years, why would one think the 17th will work? ( Why not consider changing diet and lifestyle; eating healthy, well-balanced diet and living harmoniously? I guess, if one is in a loosing battle then they look for miracles… but wait, why fight with our own ‘self’? Oh, well…!

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