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I See Myself

If tendencies towards disassociation were not inherent in the human psyche, parts never would have been split off; in other words, neither spirits nor gods would ever have come to exist. ~Carl Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower.

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Old Freinds

Ordinarily, you are under a spell: two, not one. But when you look into your lover’s eyes, you fall into another enchantment: one, not two. You look and look Yet never see her. She whispers a spell: The mirror clears

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Transformation – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra-24

Transformation is not a change of energy. You cannot change the higher energy. You can allow it to find a place in you. ~Gurdjieff Work with Madame de Salzmann. You take a seat and your eyes meet. Question, answer weave

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Luminous Spaciousness

When the scriptures melt away, the chants remain. When the chants melt away, the awareness remains. When the awareness melt away, what’s left? An emptiness mingles with the Emptiness. ~ Lalla

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The Heart and Stillness

Stillness (स्थिर Sthira) is considered as the key ingredient of all holistic healing modalities, it is often considered as the source of inner work and transformation. Stillness is not about fighting with mind or destroying thoughts or forcing mind to

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Be Still and Feel

Knowing how you want to feel is half the journey to liberation… Be done with feeling guilty for wanting to feel the way you want to feel. Follow your desired emotion. Don’t analyze it too deeply. Just let it roll

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The Heart – Subtle Vibration of the Triangle

“The Heart is the subtle vibration of the triangle which consists of the incessant expansion and contraction of the three powers, and it is the place of repose, the place of supreme bliss. This very Heart is the Self of

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Nothing clever about not being happy

There is nothing clever about not being happy. On days when the sky is grey, the sun has not disappeared forever. Life is movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the

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Effortless Heart

“The aim of all effort on the Tantric Path is to unveil the effortless Heart.” ~Prana Close your eyes, Fall in love, Stay there. ~Rumi  

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Yoga and Tantra can not be Ruined

There is documented history of siddhas, yogis and tantriks who are recognized as awakened people (Maha Siddha). They were men and women from different times, places, and social backgrounds. They performed varied activities to achieve their goal. Some sat in

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