Stages of Meditation

In general, meditation process goes through three stages:

1. Quietness: This is the beginning stage where the practitioner focuses on quieting her mind by focusing the attention on ‘one and only one thing’, e.g. breath, word, music etc. This allows her to stay in the present moment. By staying in present moment and emptying the mind of all thoughts she experiences peace and ease in her body. It brings relaxation in the body and clarity of mind.

2. Witness: As the meditation deepens the practitioner slowly moves the attention from focusing ‘one and one thing only’ to becoming a ‘witness’, i.e. she focus being one with her body-mind and just be a witness to the process of ‘just sitting in present moment’ with the ‘empty mind’. In this stage the practitioner becomes one with her body-mind. She has more room in her mind. As the awareness of her inner body (the muscles, ligaments, nervous system, tendons, cardiovascular and other systems of the body) deepens, she steers away from the past or future and stays in the present moment of just ‘being’ — feeling totally relaxed.

3. Stillness: This is the stage of meditation where one looses words to explain the experience and language becomes poetic and esoteric. This is the stage where the awareness expands and the practitioner is absorbed into unwavering stillness where she feels her body-mind connected with cosmos as a whole. She looses the limited sense of ‘self’ and her awareness is filled with luminous archetypal geometric shapes and harmonious tones.

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