Siva Natraja and Siddha Tantra

There are various stages of meditation on the path of siddha-tantra. The first is an “active meditation” stage. In this stage we stabilizes our attention on the sensation of inner-rhythm (e.g. breath) without any goal of doing anything to the rhythm, just sensing and feeling. In second stage, the attention moves from inner-rhythm to perceiving the whole being, external and internal. One becomes more and more aware of the sensation and feelings that arise in different aspect of our being, the various currents that cross our being and the dynamics of inner-tension and fluidity.

In third stage one looses the sense of separateness, and simultaneously a natural and spontaneous movement unfolds itself throughout the whole being. It is felt as a dance in which whole of cosmos is participating. The spontaneous inner-movement unfolds only when one has totally let-go of will to “do” or modify anything and has surrendered to the inner-unfolding. Although the listening happens from whole of our being but is centered in our heart and in an instant all of our fears, doubts, and wavering thoughts gently dissolve into vibrant silence of inner-stillness.

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