Seventh Night of Navratri

Kalaratri, navratri

Seventh Night of Navratri (Goddess-celebration of Nine Nights in Hindu and Tantrik Traditions). Goddess Kalaratri, ‘Kala’ is Time or movement and ‘Ratri’ is Night or Dissolution or Death. The Great Awareness of Kali when awakened, destroys the worst form of fear, that is, the fear of death and also our destroys delusion of separation. Our sense of separate-self , the ‘I-ness’ is dissolved. We learn to ‘let go’.

Letting go and holding-on are both in the mind… it is possible for our awareness to guide mind down one path… a space of clarity, love, and stillness. This meditative-state of non-discriminative awareness is also called nirvikalpa samadhi by Patanjali in Yogasutra. One can ‘clearly see’ love and happiness in every heart.

Ramakrishna Parmahansa was known for his love of Kali and this Great Awareness was completely awaken in his heart. He could ‘see’ the love in the most angry, and fearful hearts. A woman came to Ramakrishna and said, “because of the death of my son, whom I loved so much, I have lost my faith and love for God. I don’t feel any love of God and I am in distress. Please, help me.” Ramakrishna, said “do you have any grandchild?” “yes, I have a grand child and love him very much.” “He is your God, feel the love of God through him”, replied Ramakrishna. He was able to ‘clearly see’ through her anguish and distress that there was still ‘love’ in her heart.

“When I grasped the hint of Love,
I banished ‘mine’ and ‘thine’ from me.
I was cleansed within and without.
Now, wherever I look, the Beloved pervades.
Ever new, ever fresh is the spring of love!” ~ Bulleh Shah

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