Do ‘you’ create your own reality?

  • The question I get asked is “do you create your own reality?” New age movies like what the bleep… and the secret have created a ‘new age myth’ that we have ‘free will’ and we can manifest any thing we desire.
  • The belief is an extension of quantum physics theory that an ‘observer’ participates in determining the outcome of an event. Somehow, the notion of ‘observer’ is extended to become ‘you’ (an ego) and ‘participation’ is extended to mean ‘creating’.
  • This type of ‘new age’ thinking is creating ‘new age guilt’ where people who have some illness or dis-ease are starting to believe that they are ‘attracting’ it and that means they are ‘not good or loving people’.
  • The fact is that Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ believed and lived ‘non-violent’ life, however they both experienced violent death. Did they attract violent-death to themselves? Did tsunami victims attract the tragedy? Why don’t we attact ‘oil wells’ to our country?
  • Tibetan yogis and Eastern mystics who had ability to create ‘objects of their desire’ always said that to awaken to One you first have to dissolve the ‘ego’ and then merge with infinite. In that state there is no ‘you’ or ‘I’ or trace of ego.
  • The teaching of eastern mystics has always focused on ‘changing our internal attitude and feeling’ towards the external situation and not changing the external event or situation. In other words, if we are part of One Soruce then easiest way to make the change happen is by focusing on our thoughts.
  • It is sad that people are now creating ‘cheap’ and ‘buy online’ versions of a ‘mystic path’ that feeds on people’s inner emptiness and thirst for truth.
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